Winery Bodega Marco Zunino presents Lobizón: result of our imagination and passion for Argentina, its culture, people, legends and fabulous wines! 

A pure range of wines from Argentina, dedicated to the globetrotters, authentic taste explorers, passionate about South America!

Lobizón tells a fantastic story about Argentina and its legends through a pure range of wines dedicated to wine lovers keen to discover new flavors. Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda or Chardonnay, the emblematic grapes from Mendoza, wine capital of the world offer a flavor trip through Argentina. To express their unique complexity, our red wines are aged in cherry wood barrel from the north of the country.

Lobiz¢n Blend With Malbec baja


“Legend of the argentinean werewolf”

  • The best vines from Mendoza – Argentina symbolize this blend of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Bonarda.
  • Intense and bright red ruby color for this authentic wine with notes of red fruits such as raspberry, strawberry and blackcurrant. Well balanced with a toasted finish.
  • Aged in cherry wood barrel from the north of Argentina, this blend offers a subtle complexity.
  • Awards 2012-2017
  • awaiting award shows

The Legend

  • Luison, Luisõ or Lobison is the name of a monstrous creature from Guaraní mythology. The name of Luison is a variation of Lobizón, a name used in Argentina and Uruguay to describe the werewolf or a similar creature, more literally wolf-man. Guaraní was not a written language and all myths passed on through storytelling only, thus no written record of his original name would have been made.
  • In Argentina, an ancestral tradition, named the President of the Nation “godfather” of the seventh son of a marriage. This irregular custom was due to the superstitious, one sometimes sacrificed their seventh son, for fear of the “possibility” of which they had born to them a “Lobizon”. In 1973, President J. D. Perón gave legal form to this custom through a decree.
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