Young, intense, fruit driven wines, built around a real backbone structure
and showing the best of the terroir of San Rafael.

A range of expressive red wines with a strong personality, an original and creative design, with a modern and feminine touch. In line with our expressive red wines, our Chardonnay is pure and mineral, with a great acidity offering a great backbone to its distinguished fruit. Our rosé de pressée is one of a kind in Argentina dry and delicately fruity, making it a real culinary rosé as well as a pleasure one.

The use of sulfites is kept to the strictest possible minimum (-70 mg / liter).



“Emblematic Argentine Passion”

  • This emblematic Malbec is the result of joint efforts between man and nature. Elaborated with carefully selected vines from the best vineyards in the district of “Cuadro Benegas”, southwest of San Rafael, Mendoza.
  • Depp, intense ruby red and purple hue. Like a diamond in the night!
  • Marked presence of the fruit aromas in the attack with a good structure and nicely preserved tannins give this wine a long and succulent finish. Fresh taste of plum and blackberry. Notes of moka and coffee.
  • This Malbec 100% hails from a combination of soil type, climate and pure varietal with an intense freshness that stays in one’s memory.
  • The wine has been aged 6 months in french oak barrels and cherry wood barrels from the north of Argentine.
  • Awards 2014-2016
  • 90 points with James Suckling from the Wine Spectator 2016
  • Silver Medal at Decanter Asia – Hong Kong (90 points) 2016
  • 89 points Wine Spectator 2013
  • Silver Medal at “Vinalies” Paris – France 2013
  • Golden medal at “China Wine & Spirit Awards” Hong Kong 2013
  • Gold Medal at “Vinus”, Mendoza – Argentina (90 points) 2013


“Aromatic brilliant ruby-red”

  • This Malbec-Bonarda (60% – 40%) is made from a selection of the best vines coming from Cuadro Benegas in the southwest of San Rafael, Province of Mendoza. More precisely, in “Cuesta de los Terneros”, located at an elevation of 3000 feet above sea level.
  • A wine with peculiar characteristics. Its saturated red color with violet tones makes it extremely attractive. It offers a bouquet of fresh red fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and cassis.
  • The attack is round on the palate with balanced acidity and well-structured tannins. This blend is a pleasant wine with a persistent fruity finish.
  • Pure expression of soil type, climate and grape characteristic with an intense freshness that stays in one’s memory, this wine is ideal for pairing with a creative and modern cuisine.
  • Awards 2012-2016
  • Bronze Medal at “Decanter” – Hong Kong 2015
  • Silver medal at “Vinalies” Paris – France 2013
  • Double Gold medal  “La Mujer Elige” in Mendoza– Argentina (94 points) 2013
  • Gold medal at “Terravino” in Jerusalem – Israel 2013
  • Silver medal at “Chine Wine & Spirit Awards” in Hong-Kong 2013


“Elegant blend of intense red tones”

  • This wine comes from modern vineyards located at an elevation of 3000 feet above sea level, in the privileged region of southwest San Rafael, Province of Mendoza.
  • Magnificent red colored wine with violet nuances suggested by unique soil and climate conditions.
  • Great aromatic range of red fruits and spicy notes, give this Blend Selection the distinction of a typical wine from the south of Mendoza.
  • Elegant on the palate with nice round tannins and great balance. A well-structured wine that can be stored up to 3 years.
  • Pure expression of soil type, climate and grape characteristic with an intense freshness that stays in one’s memory, this is a modern wine plenty of charm denoted by a strong Argentine personality.
  • Awards 2012-2016
  • 87 points with James Suckling from the wine Spectator 2016

  • Silver medal at the “Tasters Guild Judging 2013” in USA, organized by the “Tasters Guild Journal” 2013


Argentine Tradition

  • This pure Malbec, single grape, symbolizes the San Rafael region, at foothill of the Andes mountains: A rich soil and the purity of a high altitude vineyard.
  • Deep and intense red color. Its personal dark tones comes from the purity of the grape and his aging in oak barrel.
  • Presence of mature red fruit taste with vanilla and caramel.
  • Strong personality: it combines the natural quality of the grape from Mendoza with French elegance.
  • This wine has been aged 12 months in French oak barrels.
  • Awards 2014-2016
  • 92 points with James Suckling from the Wine Spectator 2016


Unforgettable Exotic Experience

  • This 100% Chardonnay is the result of a very special selection of grapes produced in vineyards located in the southwest of San Rafael, Mendoza, more precisely at the Cuadro Benegas district.
  • This wine is characterized by an intense yellow color tinged with Green lights.
  • It gives a clear expression of its grape variety on the nose as well as on the palate. It has a fruity character with citrus exotic aromas. In addition, denotes very subtle essences of tropical fruits such as banana and pineapple.
  • Pure Expression of soil type, climate and varietal with an intense freshness that stays in one’s memory. It is a young wine of the new world!
  • An exotic flavor fruity and well balanced, obtained with a fermentation at low temperature for 30 days.
  • Awards 2013-2016
  • Bronze Medal at Decanter Wine Awards – London 2014


New World aromatic

  • This particular Rosé has been obtained challenging the emblematic Bonarda, a varietal widely spread across our region. Its delicate and attractive color, characterizes the type of young wine Mediterranean French style.
  • In the mouth, this Rosé leaves a fresh and pleasant flavor. It is well balanced and gives a clear expression of fruity and floral aromas. It visibly reflects notes of strawberry, raspberry and white peach.
  • Pure Expression of the grape variety, the terroir and an intense freshness that remains in the memory, this is a very original and modern wine!
  • Direct pressing of the grapes with cold maceration during 9 hours, fermented for 30 days at an average temperature of 12 Celsius degrees.
  • Awards 2014-2016
  • Silver medal at Pink Rosé Festival by Franck Thomas – best Europe and France sommelier 2017

The vineyard

  • Soil type: Pedemonte, sandy-calcareous
  • Region: Cuadro Benegas
  • Age: 12 years
  • Conduction system: High trellis
  • Pruning method: Bilateral cordon
  • Fermentation: Harvest by hand transported in crates that hold 18 kg of raw materials going through a tape. Pre-maceration at 10°C during 24 hours and then 8 days macération at controlled temperature of 22 °C
  • Fermentation malolactique: Spontaneous, partial, with strict controls, leaving some grams of malic acid with the intention of giving youth to the wine and a fresh sensation on the palate
  • Wine Maker: Edgardo Ibarra